Use the Labels on Foods to Find the Green Products

When purchasing your groceries you can check the labels to find the food with the most nutritional value and green production methods.

Check out the following information:

The Ingredient List

Natural foods are usually lower in salt, sugar and saturated fats. Heavily processed foods are likely to be high in sodium to assist in preservation. Understand each ingredient and how it affects the finished product.

Which Animal Does the Food Come From?

Some animals and fish are protected because of many factors. You are most likely to run into a threatened fish product. You can get a handy pocket guide that tells you the best choices for seafood and good alternatives at the site Sea Food Watch.

Which Country Does the Food Come From?

All labels should have on there the “country of origin” of the food product. This is supposed to tell you what country the food comes from, but in reality it could tell you just where the food was processed and packaged. You may have to dig deeper by visiting the manufactures website to see where the food actually originated from.

In addition to the manufacturers label the USDA also provides the following information on the product package.

100% Organic; tells you all the ingredients used in the production of this food stuff are organic.

Organic; tells you that at least 95% of the products ingredients are organic.

Made with Organic Ingredients; at least 75% of the products ingredients are organic.

Organic Ingredients Noted on the Ingredients Statement; Less than 70% of the ingredients are organic.

You can get more information on food labeling from the FDA’s website.